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PowerAFA is an Aphasia, speech and brain injury treatment software, that improves skills in aphasic patients.

Main features:

  • Monitoring statistics;

  • Unilimited patients number (usefull for clinics);

  • Exercises customization;

  • Animated assistant (Microsoft Agent);

  • SAPI 4/5 compliant (to use with any SAPI Text to speech engine, like Loquendo TTS and other SAPI TTS engines);

  • Webcam feedback support (help user with correct pronunciation);

  • Free software updates.



  • Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows VISTA, Windows Seven, Windows 8 with 32/64 bits architecture, Windows 10;

  • Audio device and speakers (or headphones);

  • Internet connection (for software updates);

  • Microsoft Dotnet library 2.0 or above;


Awards - Reviews

4.5/5 on Softpedia Review (read here) !!!

  PowerAFA - Aphasia Treatment Software 5.0.2 Aphasia t...   PowerAFA - Aphasia Treatment Software   PowerAFA - Aphasia Treatment Software 5 Stars Award

Written by Loredana Sava on September 2nd 2010  -  http://softsupplier.com


The brain is a very important part of our body, as it coordinates everything and tells the body what to do. Of course there have always been people suffering from various brain injuries and diseases, but not long ago they were rejected by society and lived secluded in some remote location. It was a shame to have such a person in your family and nothing was done to improve their condition and life level, quite the opposite. Well, nowadays things are a lot different and all people are considered equal, having the same right to life, education and all the other things around a normal person. Now people with  aphasia – a language disorder appeared following a brain damaging or another trauma or simply a genetic factor – can benefit from special care and can practice using special software applications that will gradually improve their speaking.

PowerAFA is the perfect example of such a helpful software application. It was developed by Powerwolf Software Solutions, being compatible with all versions of Windows following XP. This application has advanced features and is designed with the only purpose of making the people affected by aphasia  exercise and improve their speaking abilities. Sometimes these people are able to sing and they do it very well, but they simply can’t speak, so we must use all these peculiar features and turn them into advantages.

So PowerAFA uses lots of exercises that will improve the speaking abilities of those suffering from Aphasia. These exercises are simple enough to be processed by them and works step by step, leading to a small, but increasing improvement. Some of these exercises are sound recognition exercises, word recognition, image and letter exercises, verbs and actions exercises and so on. So the children will be presented slides with different words, letters and images and they will have to associate them with sounds, words, letters. It seems really easy at first sight, but this is only for normal people – for them it’s a big step forward as instead of being unable to communicate at all, they will progress and improve their speaking ability every day.

This kind of exercises are usually done under professional supervision, most of the times in specialized clinics or centres. That is why the  software application is specially designed to be able to deal with an increased number of patients, giving you the possibility to customize them according to the needs of every patient. For those with a low ability t speak, you will use the most simple exercises and for the more advanced one, more complex exercises. There is an animated assistant provided by the software that is coloured in vivid colours and always moves all around the computer screen in order to draw the patient’s attention and curiosity.

PowerAFA gives the user the possibility to monitor the evolution of the patient thanks to the  statistics held bu the application. It also makes automatic updates, so you will use the latest features without having to look for them yourself. However, if you want to be able to use this software application appropriately, there are some  system requirements to be met: first of all you must have Net framework installed on your computer, then you must have some audio devices that are able to reproduce the sound – speakers or headphones, have a pretty fast processor and at least Pentium IV computer and a reasonable amount of memory – 512 RAM. The software is developed by an Italian company, Powerwolf Software Solutions, but it is also available in English.


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