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Automatically catalogue private and public books. Browse and search books by author, title, ISBN number and so on. PowerBK software manages a lots of books' data fields, for example, location, number of pages, publication year, cover art. Software is password protected to guarantee your privacy and data protection. Books data can be exported in many file formats, such as .Xls, .Pdf, .Doc, .Txt.

Additional features

- Automatic backup;
- Data scheduling;
- Google Books integration;
- Dewey support (DDC);
- Automatic search of book's fields over the internet;
- Barcode reader integration;
- Books movements management;
- Unlimited books database entries;
- Free software updates;
- Advanced search features;
- Client record management.


- Windows XP, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, Windows VISTA, Windows Seven, Windows 8 and 10 with 32/64 bits architecture;
- Internet connection (for software updates);
- Computer with at least 512Mb of Ram and Pentium IV or faster CPU.


Bug Report

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USERNAME: powerwolf

PASSWORD: powerwolf

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